Why Calecim is the Answer to Your Climate Affected Skin in Singapore

Singapore has an all-year-round tropical climate which means scorching heat from the sun along with a lot of humidity. In such harsh conditions the skin certainly takes a toll. Owing to its geographical location, the weather is going to stay this way forever but how can you ensure taking care of your skin? Then seeking out Calecim treatments in Singapore is the answer for you. Following is an analysis of the damage this weather has on the skins of the people around in Singapore, and their solutions with the help of this miracle formula.

Sunburnt skin

All year round the sun shines along with its ultraviolent rays on the land here in Singapore, which causes people to develop sunburns on their skin very often. It’s no surprise that when the temperature is nearly 32 degrees yearly and bright sunshine in everyone’s faces, there is no surprise that almost all of the population suffers from this. In this scenario, applying Calecim professional daily boosts the skins ability to lock in the moisture, thereby, not only reducing the chances of one developing red patches from the heat, but also curing them permanently.


No surprises here, for the hot climate in Singapore gives the locals an excessively dry skin. On the other hand, no matter how much water intake they may have, some people have natural dryness due to the fact that their bodies cannot produce enough sebum. Over time with more exposure this conditions gradually worsens, giving some a hard patchy skin. Dryness is also directly linked to creating excessive wrinkling and aging of the skin leaving younger people looking older than their true ages.

Using Calecim formula moisturizes the skin and keeps it from losing too much water through evaporation. Continual use makes it plump and healthier. It also controls the aging of the skin and removes wrinkles to make it look younger.

Infections of the skin

Due to high humidity levels, people are prone to developing infections of the skin. The healing process is also prolonged due to excessive exposure to these levels of humidity. In this moisture, bacteria development is also extreme that keep the wounds uncured and infected. Calecim Professional has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that keeps all such infections at bay.

Acne and a higher probability of uneven skin tone

Excessive sweating from the heat and humidity compels blockage of pores where the hair follicles are present. These areas are ideal for bacterial infections to grow. And it all results in the formation of pimples and excessive acne. On the other hand, people also suffer from an un-even skin tone after too much exposure to the sun. The amount of melanin created on the skin after such a long exposure gives it patches of dark tones which in turn makes the complexion duller.

This formula rejuvenates the skin by removing all the dead cells and replacing them with new ones. With no side effects, Calecim treatments are the answer to your weather problems in Singapore. Created from animal derived stem cells which are known for their repairing properties, it will help you look younger with a more healthier skin than ever before.