The Best Live Bands for different occasions

Music has always has been loved by anyone ever since and it has been of many uses and purposes. It has been used to help us voice out our feelings, to help heal people in many ways, to keep us entertained, to make events like weddings and birthdays more lively and happy, and many more. In order to deliver us the music that we love, there are singers and bands that were made to write and sing songs for us. Singers and bands also have different genres that is why they are all different in one way or another. What is your favorite then? What kind of genre do you usually enjoy?

Aaron Lohan  has written an article saying that a page of punks are one of the best live bands that we don’t know about. In order to know why, let us read below.

A Page of Punk Are One of the Best Live Bands You Don’t Know About

Over a week ago, after a few years of my friends harping about how great their live shows are, I finally witnessed the relentless energy of Tokyo’s A Page of Punk in Manchester. The band’s performance was an unwavering spectacle to behold, going hand in hand with their antithetic, melodious and tenaciously fast punk. If you don’t believe me, then watch this footage of their performance in Newcastle on their recent UK tour. Read more here.

True. Punks may really be the best, but for some casual occasions only because it is not always suited for all kinds of events. Usually, people hire live bands to perform for special events such as weddings and there is a different kind of genre for that. Let us look into some of the most in demand wedding bands in Ireland by reading  Derek’s article below.

The Most in Demand Wedding Band in Ireland

The Jukebox Kings are Ireland’s liveliest entertainment option for your Wedding.  We are proud to announce it and happy to provide the evidence.  The Jukebox Kings offer a full entertainment service including…

  • Ceremony music.
  • Drinks – Pre-Dinner Entertainment
  • A top class live 5 piece Band for your Evening Reception
  • Optional Additional Brass section.
  • Late night DJ.
  • Late Resident Bar Entertainment
  • Post Wedding Day BBQ/Lunch Entertainment

You can’t beat an Irish Wedding and the music and entertainment provided by your chosen Band are the key ingredients to a successful celebration. Our Wedding couples are delighted at the entertainment provided by The Jukebox Kings. Time and again they share with us their delight at our performance.  Hear how we kept their Dance Floor full All Night Long with a variety of music. Read more here.

Those were pretty great choices for live bands especially if you are planning to have your wedding on a wonderful place like Ireland. There is no doubt they would be fantastic because they have been performing in wedding ceremonies for a long time already and they are truly recommended. In addition, there are also other events in which you could hire a live band just like Christmas parties.

In an article by Andrea Blades, she will share to us how to plan on hiring a live band for Christmas parties especially the size of live band that is best for the event.

Planning a Christmas party: what size live band is best?

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to the season of good cheer – and the inevitable round of Christmas parties. Live music is a great addition to any celebration, whether you’re planning an office-do or a house party.

So, if you’re planning a Christmas party, how do you decide what are the best live bands singapore for your event?

Number of guests

The larger the number of guests at your Christmas party then, potentially, the bigger the sound (and the larger the band) you’ll want. A lot depends though on the nature of the music that’s being provided. If it’s more ambient background music that you’re after then a solo, duo or three-piece could be perfect. However, if you’re looking for an after-dinner feature act to fill the dance floor then you may prefer a larger line-up for added impact. Read more here.

Great! We now have an idea of the best size of live band we could have for our Christmas party. It is true that we have to consider the crowd of guests attending for your event in order to determine what size of band you need. Also, the genre of music is also important and of course, the interest of the people. An event wouldn’t be successful if your guests do not enjoy the music. That is why you should carefully choose the right live band for your specific event. Each place has its own best live bands and it would be better to hire them for a much better and successful celebrations.