The Bespoke World of Queen-size Mattresses

Not only our clothing can be tailored, mattresses also has their bespoke charms. You must have heard of customisable mattresses, where you can choose your mattress size, inner layer material and outer fabric cover to accommodate your preferences. For those who crave for control and perfection, this game of mattress customisation is exactly cut out for you.

Why Choose a Customised Mattress?

What makes customised mattress more special and interesting, you can choose to customise your mattress according to yourself and your couple’s likings – yes, you read it right, customisable mattress can be customised differently at both sides of the mattress. It also involves customising your mattress size to either king, queen or any other unheard of sizes which do not even exist among ordinary commercial ones.

Queen Size Mattresses: A Preferred and Tailor-Made Choice

However, if you want to stick to what is common, it is good to know that queen-size mattress is mainly bought by couples who do not want their bedroom space to be overtaken by the size of a huge bed. While queen-size mattress can look sufficiently luxurious for a master bedroom and can fulfil the purpose of accessorizing it, a king-size ones will require an extra 16 inches of bedroom space. So, if space constraint is your main concerns taking into account the side tables and other bedroom furniture, queen-size is the best mattress to bring back home:

Next, the question is on how to choose the right bespoke queen-size mattress for you and your other half? First thing to do is to find a reliable customised mattress supplier or maker and see the types of mattresses they have to offer. Some suppliers not only sell customised products, but also display in their showrooms other collection that you can test out. It is best to have a feel of their other products before deciding to customise your mattress with them, because if you do not like the overall feel of their other collection, it is a warning sign that you may not like their customised product as well.

Type and Make of Mattress

If both of you like the same firmness and similar mattress materials, you can ask the supplier to customise the mattress as a whole. If for instance, you like your mattress to be softer and provide that snuggle-like effect, memory foam could be the right choice while your other half can request that his or her side be customised differently, a bit firmer maybe, with latex. In fact, many customised mattress are made with latex, which is considered premium material in mattress-making because it can provide satisfactory cooling effect and just nice firmness and bounciness while having more than a decade lifespan.

Among mattress suppliers and retailers that make and sell customised queen-size mattresses in Singapore are European Bedding, Bay Shop and Sofzsleep. They offer great selection of customisable queen-sizes by different kinds of latex like Dunlop and Talalay. You can even order any shapes that is out-of-the-ordinary, or any special sizes for the bedding of your kids or pets.

Of course a customised mattress will take longer to arrive at your doorstep, but since we do not believe in one-size-fits-all story, so it is worth all the waiting.