Sprained Ankle Treatments in Singapore

Sprained Ankles: From Kids to Major Athletes

When it comes down to the most common sports related injuries, the sprained ankle comes to mind. From young kids to professional athletes this injury is the one relating factor between them.

Causes of Sprained Ankles

Typically, this sprain occurs when a particular muscle is moved out of its normal position. This can cause the ligaments present in and around the muscle to stretch and even sometimes partially tear or even tear completely.

These causes can even be worsened if there is weight applied to them which is the most common scenario when it comes to ankle related injuries and sprains. Jumping and landing awkwardly on your feet, running on uneven ground and even walking sometimes can cause this injury in the ankle area.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankles

The symptoms of this condition can vary in levels of pain, appearance and situation. Usually these are characterized by severe pain in and around the ankle joint. Others include swelling around the area and even discoloration from bruises. What is more is that the affected joint is now stiff and cannot support mobility due to severe pain and aches.

Sprained ankles can even cause instability when trying to move and stand which makes it extremely hard to move around on your own. This can cause limping, needing of crutches and other means of supporting oneself.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Sprained Ankles

Fortunately there we now love in a world where conditions like these are perfectly curable and can restore mobility and flexibility to the affected joint as easily as anything. There have been multiple breakthroughs in healing joint and muscle pains through natural sprained ankle treatments.


Staring with the very underrated yet efficient solution to sprained ankles: rest. It is no secret that the excessive moving and flailing of the affected muscles will cause the tears within them to worsen. Not only this, but uselessly moving the affected joint or muscle will cause it to worsen beyond repair. This is why doctors recommend resting the injured ankles to help them rejuvenate and recover themselves.

Our body has a natural mechanism to heal itself properly through white blood cells and anti-bodies, and if there are not these proper conditions present for your body to be able to heal itself, then that will complicate matters further and can even have you seeking artificial means of recovery such as medicines and even steroids.

Therapeutic Massages

Another natural and effective method of recovering from joint pain is therapeutic massages. These can be done form your physician who can massage the affected area with a firm but gentle touch. This will not only soothe the aching ankle muscles and joint but will also allow a better blood flow to pass through, thus allowing more oxygen to be absorbed by the affected ligaments.

This method can also be considered highly natural as it does not include any foreign substance to enter the body and it will ensure relief from any pains you might be feeling.