Queen-size Mattress: When it Arrives in a Box

Following the success story of Casper that sold $1 million worth of mattress in its first month after launching in April 2014, bed-in-a-box has become quite a phenomena in Singapore. Many local brands start selling their mattress bed-in-a-box style too, like HipVan, Baton, Noa Sleep, Haylee, Sonno and Woosa.

Speed and Convenience of Delivery

Since queen-size is the most sought after mattress in the market at the popularity of 32% compared with the king-size at only 7%, it is common to find bed-in-a-box queen-size. The advantage of buying bed-in-a-box? Forget the hassle of mattress shopping and salesperson explaining to you about ten or more models to choose from. We can get confused which one to choose. Forget also the horrendous traffic jam just to try out different types of mattress in the stores or showrooms before eventually deciding. The mattress will arrive in a box not bigger than a dormitory refrigerator. Forget also the long waiting period before the mattress finally arrives. It can take as quick as 2 hours for a bed-in-a-box to arrive at your doorstep. No kidding!

Buying queen-size mattresses in a box also gives us competitive price as buyers. The price range is more affordable since we are buying online. Mattress companies that sell directly to customers the way mattress start-ups do, can reduce the cost of a mattress at around $1000 each. This is because these companies no longer have to pay for overhead, retailer’s profit and sales commission. Instead, they can channel the cost to technology and innovation which can assist them in producing the best quality mattresses with new features that can disrupt old players in the industry.

Return and Trial Policies

But what if the mattress we bought online does not achieve our expectations? How do we know if the mattress that arrives in the box is really firm, or durable, or cooling, or able to reduce motion transfer, as claimed? How are we going to return it if we are not satisfied? In fact, the assumptions are not worth any worries. Bed-in-a-box mattresses usually dare us to sleep on them for a special returnable period which can extend up to 100 days, or even 365 days! This sleep trial sounds very exciting indeed. Yes, who would not want a deal like this? If we find that the bought mattress is not sufficiently comfortable after the 99thday of sleeping on it, arrangement to return it can still be made free of charge!


At the same time, queen-size bed-in-a-box also comes complete with the usual warranty between eight and ten years. Certainly, this eliminates another fear that might restrict us from buying mattresses online. The available bed-in-a-box local brands also have a wide range of material selection to choose from, among others pocketed spring and foam, pocketed spring and memory foam, and pocketed spring that is layered with memory foam and latex.

Finally, considering the popularity of queen-size mattresses and bed-in-a-box quality and affordability, it is surely difficult to turn down sleep trial offers that require nearly no commitment at all. It is just one-click away now before we hear a doorbell sound. And voila! Arrival of our mattress in a box.