How To Prevent Bedbug Growth

If you still find bedbugs despite all the measures that you have carried out, it may be that the infestation is quite large and it would be better to call for professional help from a bed bug exterminator Singapore

Solving Bedbug infestations are no joke and can be very challenging for the household. They can cause severe itching which leads to other secondary skin infections. They affect sleep and also, bedbugs carry disease causing parasites. Once the bedbug infestation is severe, they tend to colonize your bedrooms, living rooms, walls, wooden furnitures, and even in places where you would never expect to find the. Severe infestations require severe methods of treatment. The pesticides used in such cases can cause irritation and discomfort and you may even be required to vacate your home for a few days after the treatment to prevent any risks to health. Instead of having to go through such a disruption, it is always easier to prevent the growth of bedbugs. The first thing to understand is that bedbugs are found almost anywhere, and no matter how clean you keep your home, there are chances of bedbugs entering either from your clothes or other means. If so, how do your prevent bedbugs from infesting your house? Take a look at the tips given below.

Make your home clutter free

Bedbugs love clutter. It gives them a perfect hiding spot where they can settle and multiply and remain undiscovered for long periods. Make it a point to keep your home clutter free. Throw away all the unnecessary items and keep away all the things you need in proper storage spaces.

Use bug protectors

Mattresses are the number one hiding places for bedbugs. It is advisable to get special bed bug covers for your mattresses to prevent an infestation. Buy the product only after thorough research and after making sure it is effective. It is also to important to change these covers once every year.

Washing your clothes

Bedbugs are hitch hikers. If you visit a place that happens to be under a bedbug infestation, it is likely some of them will hitch a ride to your home as well. Your clothes become their mode of transportation. This is why it is important to wash and dry your clothes immediately after coming back home. It is a good practice not just for keeping away bedbugs, but also in order to keep away bacteria. Never put your clothes on your bed or furniture after coming back from outside. If you happen to carry bedbugs, it makes it easier for them to get on the bed.

It is equally important to wash your bedding, mattress covers, pillowcases, cushion covers, and curtains regularly as bedbugs can hide and lay their eggs if they are not cleaned regularly.

Regular inspections

It is always a good idea to conduct periodic checks of the places where bedbugs are likely to hide. Check for their feces or eggs in the creases and folds of your mattress, near headboard, near the edges of carpets, and even along picture frames as these are common hiding places of bedbugs.

Cleaning out the luggage

The first thing you have to do once you come back from a vacation is to clean your luggage. This might be a tiring task, especially as you may be zoned out from all the traveling, but it is quite necessary. Vacuum out your suitcases and put them out in the sun to dry. Also, wash and dry all the clothing you took with you even if they are not soiled. Doing so will make sure that if you happen to carry any holiday bedbugs, they will not have a chance to thrive in your home.

Bringing furniture into your home

If you have decided to bring any sort of second hand furniture into your home, thoroughly check and clean it before you put it into your bedroom or living room.

These are some of the ways to prevent the growth of bedbugs.