Lutein Supplements – The Solution to Countering Eye Diseases

Experts across the world agree to the fact that eyesight and vision are crucial for humans to lead a normal and happy life and those who are affected by vision loss or issues with their eyes struggle much more than those who have problems with other sensory organs. Thanks to the importance accorded to eyesight, researches are constantly being carried out to identify why people lose their vision and why there are issues with our eyes. Almost all the researches have proved that if lutein levels in the eyes go down, it may trigger issues such as vision loss, cataract, etc. Let us now find out why lutein for the eyes is important.

Experts firmly believe that the macula of the eyes has lutein in it. Lutein remains cozily in a small area inside the retina and exercises complete control over the aspect of the 3-dimensional view we get when we look at objects. Experts also believe that lutein can help people detect polarized light. Lutein also helps in combating the oxidative stress caused by free radicals that seem to be omni-present. It can safeguard the eyes from the high-energy photons let out by blue light. Though there are a few other experts who brush aside these opinions as hypothetical, there is concrete evidence to prove that a direct relationship exists between the lutein we consume and eye pigmentation.

Macular degeneration

According to the findings of several researches, if the pigmentation of the macula increases, risks of issues with the eyes such as macular degeneration due to aging or other reasons, etc. go down. Random clinical trials have also proved that lutein helps in improving visual functions. In fact, lutein with other nutrients can do wonders for the visual health of people. In other words, lutein can help in countering macular degeneration caused by various reasons including aging.


Studies have also proved beyond doubt that lutein reduce risks of issues like cataracts. Foods like corn, egg yolks, green and leafy vegetables, and a few types of fruits contain lutein but unfortunately, we do not take the required steps for ensuring that we get adequate amounts of lutein by consuming these foods regularly. So, lutein supplements can compensate for shortfall, if any, we may face in getting lutein.


Photophobia, or “abnormal human optical light sensitivity”, may also affect those who do not consume an adequate amount of lutein. This fact has been corroborated by research, the findings of which have appeared in a particular issue of the Journal of Food Science. In short, lutein supplements can improve visual performance in users and bring down the risks related to light sensitivity in them.

To summarize, lutein supplements can help in overcoming issues such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and photophobia.

How do Antioxidants Benefit your Body?

When you read an article about preventing diseases and maintaining good health, you often come across the term “antioxidants.” Many scientists and medical practitioners toss this word around, so this must mean that they are good for you. What are antioxidants? And how are they beneficial to your body? Let’s find out.

Antioxidants – Your body’s saviors

Your body contains antioxidants, which protect it from any kind of harm caused by dangerous compounds known as free radicals. A free radical is a molecule that houses at least one unpaired electron, making it very reactive and on the constant lookout for another atom to bind with. If these free radicals happen to cross paths with certain chemicals in your body, they can cause severe damage such as impair cell function. Free radicals are responsible for several age-related health issues, including atherosclerosis and cancer.

Free radicals can enter your body through normal processes such as the breakdown of sugar, release of enzymes, etc. Your body also becomes exposed to free radicals through pollution or habits like cigarette smoking. This is where antioxidants come into the picture.

Antioxidants can be commonly derived from fresh vegetables and fruits. Other sources include teas, red wine, and dark chocolate. The best way to make sure your body has a healthy dose of antioxidants is by following a healthy diet. Izumio Hydrogen Water helps you in the same.

What do antioxidants do?

It is the job of antioxidants to reverse the damaging effects of free radicals. They work by neutralizing these free radicals and removing them from your body. Antioxidants contain extra electrons, which they generously donate to free radicals. This helps neutralize them, ensuring that they cannot cause any harm.

This is one of their biggest benefits to our bodies. If not for antioxidants, our health would suffer as we are constantly exposed to free radicals. You find various antioxidants in nature, and different antioxidants are known to benefit our body differently.

Antioxidants are known to help protect our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays such as premature aging, sunburn, and even dermal cancers. Free radicals are also known to weaken our immune systems, but a healthy dose of antioxidants can help boost our specific and non-specific immune systems dramatically.

Antioxidants are also known to play a major role in preventing eye problems, heart problems, memory and mental issues, and mood disorders. Besides fruits and vegetables, Izumio Hydrogen Water is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Make sure you follow a healthy diet to keep your body safe from free radicals and their harmful effects.